You may have heard that our very own Melissa Hillmyer was a contestant on Family Feud recently. She was sworn to secrecy, so we have no details yet on how her family fared, but we here at Wowza fully expect her to show up on the day after it airs in her brand new car. 

Family Feud is an interesting show – it’s about the only place you’ll ever find market research as entertainment. Here at Wowza we love doing research, and of course we think surveys are loads of fun. Conducting surveys used to be a lot more difficult, but now any organization can use online surveys to generate insights that will improve both marketing and operations.

Here are a few well-regarded online survey tool suggestions from SocialBrite, well suited for non-profits with limited budgets but unlimited curiosity. You can also check out MarketingProfs for a good article on how to write survey questions. It’s often a good idea to have a third party administer your survey so your participants feel comfortable being candid.

When you’re ready to start your next survey project you can also consult with a national survey celebrity – just give Melissa a call. Maybe she’ll even sign an autograph.